History, Steak and Whiskey in Downtown Carlisle

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History buffs may know that The Whiskey Rebellion touched Carlisle in 1794, but what they may not know is that there is now a restaurant that takes its name from this turbulent time in Carlisle history; 1794 The Whiskey Rebellion.

Located in the Comfort Suites Downtown Carlisle, this unique steakhouse is tucked into a rustic, but homey dining room. A short glance at the menu is all it takes to realize that you’ve not only found excellent cuisine, but Pennsylvania’s only steakhouse serving five breeds of cattle.

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1794 The Whiskey Rebellion uses SNAP in Fireside Punch cocktail

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Earlier this month, 1794 The Whiskey Rebellion opened on the street level of the Comfort Suites Hotel in downtown Carlisle after a several-month renovation.

I attended a preview event a couple nights before the public opening to sample cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

1794 The Whiskey Rebellion is a sister restaurant to Gigi’s Restaurant & Wine Lounge in State College, and both employ the “farm to shaker” concept at the bar, selecting high quality — and, whenever possible, local — ingredients to match with artisan spirits and their collection of more than 50 whiskies.

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New restaurant's theme blends Carlisle with historical event

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CARLISLE — A local history lesson complements the food and drink at one downtown Carlisle establishment.

1794 The Whiskey Rebellion, which opened Feb. 12 in the Comfort Suites at 10 S. Hanover St., is named after the 1791-94 insurrection protesting the federal government’s whiskey tax.

The tax was imposed to fund the nation’s Revolutionary War debt, and subsequent rebellion by farmers and distillers was threatening enough to bring President George Washington through town to quell the revolt.

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Whiskey Rebellion-themed restaurant in Carlisle to open Thursday

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A new restaurant that pays homage to Carlisle's role in quelling a violent tax protest is set to open Thursday.

Comfort Suites Carlisle’s dining space, 1794 The Whiskey Rebellion, will have 50 kinds of whiskey available for sampling and purchase with a food menu that uses locally sourced ingredients, said Mark Morath, president and CEO of Hospitality Asset Management Co.

“There are a lot of local farmers we’ve solicited for us to buy their wares and products and to, in turn, have a relationship,” he said in a phone interview last week.

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1794 Whiskey Rebellion restaurant to pour 50 whiskeys in Carlisle

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The 1794 Whiskey Rebellion restaurant pays homage to a historical event and taps into the growing whiskey trend.

The dinner-only restaurant and bar in the Comfort Suites Hotel at 10 S. Hanover St. will open Feb. 12.

"At the moment, here in Carlisle we are all the buzz," said Edward Tubbs, director of operations for Hospitality Asset Management Company which owns the hotel.

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1794 The Whiskey Rebellion slated for October in Carlisle: Out with Sara

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Carlisle, Pa.'s role in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794 marks the inspiration for a brand new dining experience in downtown Carlisle.

Since 1998, the Comfort Suites has served as a centerpiece of downtown. Operated by Hospitality Asset Management Company, headquartered in State College, the hotel and restaurant are currently undergoing a full renovation as required by the brand. Part of that includes the development of a new on-site bar and restaurant, 1794 The Whiskey Rebellion.

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